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Analysis of the operating conditions of the underwear industry

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Analysis of the operating conditions of the underwear industry

Issue Time:2019-05-05
Analysis of the operating conditions of the underwear industry
The underwear market is known as the “last piece of cake” in the clothing market. Although the market for other clothing segments such as women's wear and children's wear has become saturated, underwear still has a lot of room for development as a demanding product. Women's underwear is generally changed every year, while a woman usually has at least five or six underwear, and there are 700 million females in China. This is roughly estimated, and the annual underwear consumption market is at least 200 billion yuan. In 2017, China's underwear market has annual sales of more than 100 billion, and it is growing at a rate of nearly 20% annually. In the entire market, the share of women's underwear accounts for about 60%, and the market size exceeds 50 billion yuan.     
In the underwear market in China, the male underwear market is relatively slow compared to the female underwear market, so that there are few male underwear stores. The position of male underwear in the market can be said to be subsidiary, and its market position can be seen. Men's underwear is usually placed in a male costume or in a small corner of a female underwear. In addition, the style of the male underwear is relatively monotonous and small. The same is true for children's underwear, which has not received the full attention of the underwear market. The subdivision of women's underwear products is more abundant, in addition to the functional underwear distinction, such as adjusting underwear, body shaping underwear, sports underwear, smart underwear, as well as products divided by age and identity, such as girl underwear, breastfeeding underwear. Therefore, in order to locate consumers more accurately, the segmentation market with consumption as the object is the trend of the future underwear market.
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