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Origin of pajamas

Origin of pajamas

Update Time:2022/8/24

Origin of pajamas

The original word for pajamas, paejama, comes from Hindi, which is a combination of the Persian words pai and jamah. pai means "legs" in Persian, while jamah means "clothes". As the name suggests, pajamas are clothing for the legs - pants. This was originally a loose pants worn by the Middle East and India, but the European colonists gave it a new function - pajama pants.

Pajamas have always been regarded as home clothing, and wearing them makes people feel relaxed. But if someone wears pajamas on the street, they will feel that this person does not understand dressing etiquette. But I saw a few news in the past few days, which made me re-understand the role of pajamas.

An underwear company in South Korea also has a "pajama day" once a month. After arriving at the company, all employees will put on pajamas and start work. It is said that this can inspire everyone's creative inspiration.

Many freelancers work at home, so there is also a pajama culture.

Wearing pajamas is comfortable, but in the workplace, it will appear undignified and impolite. If only there was a business casual look. For business pajamas, it may be better to distinguish it from the pajamas at home. I always feel that pajamas are like their own privacy. People should have their own space. If they all wear pajamas to work, will they still have their own private space? In the future, wearing pajamas at home will not leave the workplace and feel relaxed. On this basis, designers later improved different styles, such as fashionable pajamas that can be worn outside, etc., not limited to the home.

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