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What kind of underwear do women wear in summer?

What kind of underwear do women wear in summer?

Update Time:2019/7/29
In summer, it is best to choose underwear with better breathability and hygroscopicity. Breathable underwear can exude sweat and dirt from the skin, keep the skin dry, and regulate body temperature, so as not to affect the skin's metabolism and hinder health. So what kind of underwear do women in summer wear? How do women buy underwear? Next, I will introduce them to you for your reference.

What kind of underwear do women wear in summer?

1, hemp fiber

The hemp fiber extracted from the stalk of hemp has a thick texture and is prone to wrinkles, but as long as the iron is hot, it will return to its original state. The properties of hemp fiber are very ventilated and cool, suitable for summer wear.

2, cotton

The cotton fiber from the cottonseed is easy to be dyed into various colors, and the cotton fiber is very breathable and absorbs sweat. It is the main material for most underwear. In addition, the durability of cotton fibers is also recognized.

3, natural fiber

There are mainly milk fiber, soybean fiber, modal fiber, banana fiber, pineapple fiber and the like. They are made from abrupt substances made from modern materials. These fibers are also an excellent choice for underwear fabrics.

4, silk

Silk is known as the queen of textiles, and people accept it not only because of its beauty, lightness, softness and smoothness, but also because it has a unique health care function: moisture permeability. In the hot summer, the moisture absorption and breathability of silk underwear help to regulate the temperature and humidity of the human body.

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